Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holisitic Data Warehousing Book and free Template is now launched.

Today our Holistic Data Warehousing book and free downloadable & universal Data Warehouse Template for SQL Server 2008 has been released.

The book is not the typical IT book that is written by I.T. professionals for I.T. professionals/students. Instead we are both business people with vast experience in using I.T. for reporting purposes and the book is mainly directed at fellow business people with good skills in spreadsheeting, databases and extracting data.

The template is groundbreaking in that it is designed for any business to use without modification to implement a full, across the business, data warehouse. The book fully documents the model, explains our take on data warehousing and explains the strategy behind our idea of Full Supply Chain reporting. The template download includes some reporting models that enable Full Supply Chain reporting from the one system. Also inlcuded in the book is documentation of a comprehensive load from the Microsoft Adventure Works SQL database for demonstration purposes.

We expect the book will receive mixed reviews with some being very critical and others favourable. Critics will make the point that our methods are very basic and not "correct" according to standards that have been established over past decades. We acknowledge that the Holistic Data Warehousing methodology is rule breaking but this is a deliberate attempt to simplify the model as much as possible. There is a chapter in the book devoted to the topic of data warehousing rules. The Holistic model was built with current and future technology in mind and would have been practically impossible to use 10 years ago for mainstream businesses.

As a business person, with some experience with databases such as Microsoft Access, your will learn from this book how to implement a full data warehouse and to do it yourself. This is not just any data warehouse it is the "Holistic" data warehouse that has been designed by the Authors to provide a system capable of virtually any business intelligence reporting.

The only cost to your business to implement Full Supply Chain reporting using the Holistic Data Warehouse is your time, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server software and a server class PC. This can be done for as little as $30,000 depending on the Microsoft server license costs.

42sight.com exists to support the users of this new data warehousing methodology. Existing literature explains the complex traditional methods. Our book and this website will for a long while be the main source of information on how to use this new method. We expect our methodology to not gain acceptance amongst the supporters of the traditional data warehousing methods. This website will provide a focal point for supporters of the Holistic method to help each other and for resources to share.

By purchasing the book you are gaining full documentation of the model and are helping to support the authors to support the Holistic Data Warehousing community. If you like our book please "review" it on Amazon and pass on recommendations to your colleagues and acquaintances that might be interested in the book. Our goal is to "free-up" data warehousing and making it affordable for the masses of small to medium business operators.

You will find links to purchase the book, along with links to the model and links to an extract from the first few chapters from the book all on the blog.

Addendum, typos and grammatical error log

We know there are small errors throughout the book including some in very ironical places

Please feel very free to "comment" any errors (typos or grammatical) that you find. We will include in this post any corrections too.