Thursday, October 30, 2008

Problems we are having with Adventure works 2005

Product Line Sales:

Top 5 Customers - sales are inflated significantly. Adventure works sales in total (from the Sales order header) are approx $97M

Do a report (Bikes, road bikes, Calendar year 2003) and the Top 5 Sales people sold over $158 millions - does anyone notice this as a problem ? Just a slight reconciliation difference I would think

Or is this report deliberately broken so people can fix it?

Now my next favourite report:

Sales Territory Drill down

The Sales by Order by Header does agree to the sales order total from the 'Drill down' - hmm housten we have a problem

Australia , Lynn Tsoflias Sales order SO51150 $40,274.01 =/= the drilldown $26,328 (after discount of $1,996)

In fact the Adventure works database is broken - Sales order Header subtotal =/= sum(Sales Order Detail . line total) - total discrepancy a cool $17 mill or so. A redememing fact is that the dbo.FactResellerSales table does indeed have the 'correct' sales number.(It reconciles to the Sales order Detail)

ALSO this report is missing sales made by managers - or dont managers count? (they are also missing from the view Sales.vSalesPerson in the

So is there something I am completely missing?

Seriously though I am using Adventure works for SQL server 2005 - are these problems that are fixed in the Adventure works 2008? (havent installed yet as I dont have SQL 2008 yet)

Please feel free to contribute to the discussion